BodyLove Affair

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Love your body...
transform your life.

What would your life be like, if you finally ended the war between you and your body?

What would be different for you, if you loved yourself deeply: all of you, 

every curve, every inch, every so-called “imperfection”?

What would it be like to know the profound peace and freedom that true body-acceptance has to offer?

How would your world shift, if you were in a serious, hot and heavy, passionate relationship with yourself 
-- a BodyLove Affair?

Through your BodyLove Affair, you will experience...

  • a deeper freedom than you've ever known.

  • profound joy in your body, just as it is.

  • direct access to your sensual, wild nature that leaves little to no room for body-loathing.

  • the love and acceptance that you seek, that's already within you.

  • more comfort, ease and authenticity in every area of your life.

  • radical and fierce head-to-toe self-approval, finally.

  • a new relationship with your body, based on kindness and compassion, rather than cruelty and judgment.

  • countless opportunities for ecstasy, bliss and pleasure at your constant disposal.

  • a swapping of body fixation for body engagement that will light up your life.

  • more peace, happiness & confidence, without having to change a single external factor.

Does that sound enticing? The journey awaits you, your body is longing for your love.

I can help you get there.

Welcome. I'm so glad you're here.

I'm Lisa Carmen, and I'm honored to guide and support your BodyLove Affair.

You're embarking on a love affair that will change you forever. 

Your body has so much to share with you, and has been waiting for you, for a lifetime.

The relationship you have with your body affects every single area of your life... 

  • from your ability to experience pleasure, to the way you go after your dreams and desires

  • from the ways you express yourself in the world, to the way you express yourself in the bedroom

  • from the ways others perceive you, to the ways you connect and relate with others

  • from what you accomplish, to how you think

  • from your health to your wealth, from your self-worth to your net worth

...and everything else in between.

Yes, this BodyLove Affair is that important. 

This is no casual fling. This is the love affair of a lifetime.

Is this work for you?

Well, considering 91% of American women hate all, or parts, of their bodies, chances are pretty good you struggle in one way or another with a loving, healthy body image. So do I.

For more than fifteen years, through my programs, The Burlesque Experience, SacredSexyU, and as a Life Coach, dance instructor, speaker and author, I've worked with thousands of women of all ages, shapes and sizes, on a very similar journey of learning to love themselves and their bodies better.

Yet, even through much of my working with others, I was oftentimes secretly harboring my own increasingly toxic body shame and self-image issues.   

Body loving was something that others could have, I would help them get it, yet I was withholding it from myself, as if I didn't deserve that very same freedom. 

The dissonance between what I presented publicly and what I hid deep inside became toxic, and it was my secret battle. I was ashamed of my body. And I was ashamed of my shame. So I buried it, hid it, numbed it. And it festered, like a deep infection. 

It affected every other area of my life.

That's the way body-loathing works. It's subversive. Secretive. Isolating. And it affects everything and can even destroy us, if left unhealed.

So many of us share this battle, yet we don't talk about it. We keep it secret. 

It's a lonely world, inside our heads. Very rarely will we even share with our closest friends how dark it gets in there.

For me, it got pretty dark.

On the outside, I projected confidence. On the inside, often I was hating my body, saying cruel things to myself, things I would not say to my worst enemy.

I became my worst enemy.

Until I decided I was ready to be done with this vicious, painful and toxic way of living, of feeling, of being. 

I wanted to love myself fully. Finally. I wanted to come home to my body. I needed a BodyLove Affair.

I am healing my relationship to my body, as we speak. 

My own personal journey is, in fact, the deepest inspiration for this work. (More on that here.)

It doesn't matter what size you wear, how many pounds you weigh, what image your project, 

or what other people tell you. 

What matters is the the way you feel about yourself, and the intimate relationship 
you have with your body. It's personal.

My own personal journey has led me here. 

I'm still journeying, in fact. 

I want you to join me. 

BodyLove Affair is my most personal work yet. 

The women I work with and I are courageously asking an important question.

How do we move from body-loathing to body-loving?

The conversation has started. The work is underway.

We are transforming our self-loathing,
self-abuse and self-sabotage into loving, compassionate, healthy and HOT relationships
with our bodies.

The relationship you have with your body is the only 100% truly-guaranteed "til death do us part." relationship. It's as intimate as intimacy gets!

Through coaching, live in-person events, movement, authentic expression workshops and titillating virtual events, I'm inviting you to have your own BodyLove Affair.

Let's grow together. Let's turn toward ourselves, our bodies, with compassion, curiosity, engagement and forgiveness, and transform our lives by making peace with our bodies, finally.

This is brave work. Perhaps some of the bravest work you'll ever do.

But on the other side is freedom, true, deep, profound freedom, and it's waiting for you.

We're in this together.

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