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About Lisa Carmen

Let's get personal. 

Warning: This is not 

your typical "bio."

I've been so lucky, so blessed in my life, to live a life, and create my work, by design.

Over the last fifteen+ years, I've created a number of powerful programs, workshops and events to support women in accessing their innate magnificence, power and beauty. This is my life's purpose, and I am thrilled to live it, each day.

In 2010, I launched a program called The Burlesque Experience after my own experience of performing burlesque striptease in front of a live audience changed me. 

After a lifetime of not liking my body, there I was, celebrating it, and being celebrated. It was empowering, exciting and it set in motion my passion for the art of burlesque, and body image work.

Since its inception, The Burlesque Experience, and its sister program, Unleash Your Inner Bombshell, have supported thousands of women on their path to self-acceptance, self-celebration, sisterhood, courage and body positivity.

My work with body image has touched nearly every area of my business, yet my relationship with my own body has been tumultuous.

As I began to discover, body image issues are not "healed" by performing a striptease on stage. Yes, it feels great. But that feeling eventually fades, and you're left with the same feelings, maybe even feeling worse, because the good feelings showed you what was possible, but were fleeting.

What I realize now is that what those awesome feelings on stage offered me, and hundreds of others who have taken the course, was a taste of what it feels like to be free, to celebrate our bodies, to feel confident, courageous and proud, to reclaim ownership of our amazing bodies.

Being an entertainer has always been my thing-- I was trained as a dancer as soon as I was out of diapers. I first got on stage to dance at the age of two, and always found a sense of deep validation and worth while performing. I'm sure many performers are familiar with this. While performing, it feels like I am expressing the "best" in me.

But here's what started to happen.

The more I put myself "out there," in the world, the further I got away from what was going on "in here."

My relationship with my body was dysfunctional at best, toxic at worst.

Sometimes, if I revealed an insecurity to my community, someone would pipe in that I wasn't "supposed to" talk like that, being a "fearless leader", and all. Sometimes this infuriated me. 

What do you mean "fearless"? Why don't I get to be afraid? 

But other times, I simply went further in, burying my insecurities deeper, so no one would see them and tell me I was wrong for them. I needed to set an example, after all.

I'd always been a social drinker, but I began drinking more heavily to quiet the insecurities and inner chatter that seemed to always have something crappy to say to me.

When I was buzzed, I felt as confident as I appeared.

It wasn't that I was drinking to escape my life. My life was wonderful and rich with amazing people, events and experiences, after all. 

I was drinking to escape myself. 

At the end of 2015, I'd had enough. I wanted more from my life. I wanted to feel better.

I decided to quit numbing and commit fully to dealing and feeling and healing.

Today, I'm committed to my sobriety, and to facing my insecurities and body stories with curiosity and compassion.

I'm committed to falling in love with myself more and more every day.

I'm committed to practicing acceptance for myself and my body, as I am, after a lifetime of thinking I needed to change my body to be acceptable, to be okay.

I've tested, collected and created a countless number of tools and practices for cultivating this my BodyLove Affair, and when I am diligent, attentive and caring, when I stay focused on applying them, I experience freedom...

Freedom from body-loathing.

Freedom from dieting.

Freedom from the tyranny of the bathroom scale.

Freedom from the chatter that tells me I am not enough, or too much. 

Freedom from hating precious parts of me. 

Freedom to lovingly be exactly who I am, as I am, right now. Today.

The journey is current and ongoing. I invite you to join me. 

Just like a road trip, this journey is way more interesting and exciting with friends.

Let's do this. I'm thrilled and honored to share the journey with you.

To contact me, email or call 214.931.1981.

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