BodyLove Affair

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An experiential workshop to come home to your body. Your soul is invited, too.

"I'll love my body. As soon as I lose 20 pounds."

"I've always been ashamed of my body."

"My partner has never even seen my stomach."

"I absolutely hate my thighs." 

"Pool party? Yeah, right. I'll be over in the corner, in my sarong."

"I hate full-length mirrors. Fitting room experiences are depressing."

"I mostly feel like a floating head, it's hard for me to connect to my body."

"The older I get, the harder it is to love my changing body."

Any of these feel familiar?

Your relationship to your body is a complicated one, to say the least. 

Truth is, body image has nothing to do with size or shape, and everything to do with how you FEEL about your body. And sadly, most women do not feel loving toward their bodies.

91% of women will be cruel to their bodies today. On average, women think 13 brutal thoughts toward themselves every day.

It's time to end the cruelty.

What could your life be like if you stopped the war, and called a truce between you and your body?

How would you live differently? Would you experience more pleasure? More joy?

Would life just simply feel better? What would change?

Body Love photo credit: Silvana Denker #bodylove

In a supportive, safe and courageous space, we will show up, body and soul,
to unfold, release, connect, grow and revere the sacred, sexy essence
of our wondrous and beautiful bodies, 
just as they are.

Body & Soul is a quarterly BodyLove Affair workshop.

Each workshop in the BodyLove Affair Body & Soul series includes... 

  • experiential activities 
  • brave and revealing discussions
  • group coaching
  • movement experiences 
  • healing rituals, guided meditations and more

Join us and begin your journey of complete and utter self-acceptance and love.

Body & Soul

Thursday 3/16, 7:30-10p  $39

Le Ballet

2613 North Carroll

Dallas, TX 75204

Dress comfortably to move in sensual, flowing or form-fitting stretchy fabrics. Bring a cup/bottle for the on-site filtered water cooler. This workshop is for those who identify as women.

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