BodyLove Affair

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Is this work for you?

Take this quick quiz to find out. If you answer yes to four or more, you may be ready for a BodyLove Affair!

Yes or No… 

  • Long to feel more vibrant, peaceful, connected and energized in your body?

  • Feel exhausted by your relentless efforts to change your body by dieting, deprivation, exercise programs, yet still not experiencing the "right" results?

  • Do you weigh yourself more than once a week, and find your mood affected by mild fluctuations on the scale?

  • Feel bad about yourself after flipping through a fashion magazine that on every page, reminds you of what you "should" be?

  • Compare yourself and your body to other women, and often feel your confidence deflate when around a more "ideal" woman? 

  • Do you regularly compare your body to the body you used to have?

  • Have you spent hundreds, or even thousands, in effort to change the way your body looks?
  • Do you hide certain (or all) parts of your body from yourself, your partner or the world, because of shame?

  • Resent a physical condition or medical diagnosis, because you feel it's in the way of your best life?

  • Find yourself thinking that if you just had enough will power or motivation, you could finally change?

  • Turn to alcohol or other substances in order to feel more confident or less insecure?

  • Do you compulsively direct hatred or disgust toward a certain part of your body?

  • Would you be ashamed or embarrassed if anyone actually heard the things you say to yourself?

  • Have a complicated relationship with food, to say the least?

  • Eat to change a feeling, then feel bad about the eating?

  • Punish yourself for "messing up" by depriving yourself of food, pleasure or self-care?

  • Find it difficult to accept your body after recent changes like pregnancy/childbirth, getting older, weight gain or weight loss?

  • Do you miss out on experiences that would bring you pleasure, like swimming, making love or wearing what you wish you could wear, because of your body insecurities?

  • Feel like certain great things won't happen for you, until you lose the weight, get the surgery or get in shape?

  • Secretly feel jealous toward other women you know, because of their appearances, weight or bodies?

  • Are you willing to tell the truth, open up to possibilities, experiment and implement simple practices and rituals in order to transform your relationship with your body?

  • Do you thrive in the loving space of intuitive, compassionate, motivating and inspiring one-on-one, woman to woman support and accountability?

Do not use this quiz as a self-flogging device. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Use it to reveal your desire for a healthier, more loving relationship with your body. This is the beginning. 

How'd you do? Contact me at to discuss how you can get started on your BodyLove Affair.

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